4 Reasons You Should Consider A Fractional CMO
Never considered a fractional leader before? Fractional executives are increasingly becoming more common, especially in the CFO and CMO roles. These strategic, experienced roles require people who can take a bigger view of the organization and the marketplace to steer an organization toward the future. A fractional CMO offers some significant advantages versus hiring a full-time executive or continuing to delegate marketing strategy to an overwhelmed marketing manager/director.
  1. Its Cheaper Than FTE. Basic math working in your favor. A full C-Suite is expensive. A fractional CMO saves on salaries yet ensures the value of an experienced CMO is piloting your marketing organization.
  2. Learn More Faster. When marketing tactics are changing by the hour, a fractional CMO is constantly learning in real world situations not only through your company but through others. They are evaluating vendors, using new tools, and testing the market. Benefit from sharing in lessons learned in real-time.
  3. Save On Consultants. Consider a fractional CMO a member of your team, not a consultant. Fractional CMOs establish the strategy then roll-up their sleeves to work with the team members, contractors, marketing vendors and agencies. Additionally, you can leverage their experience to make hiring decisions, creating a budget, and for establishing leadership credibility with investors.
  4. Lean Leadership Develops Talent. SMBs need leadership just as much as large companies. However, smaller companies frequently struggle to retain talent because they can’t afford professional leadership. Talented team members aren’t properly developed and get frustrated. Fortunately, a fractional executive by necessity must be ruthless at prioritizing and highly-focused on developing outstanding teams. This creates a model that develops talent, empowers decision-making and increases satisfaction all while maintain alignment on well-defined goals.